<![CDATA[Cross Composite AG - News]]>Mon, 09 Mar 2020 04:27:36 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[AUDACEONE Watchcase Made by Cross Composite]]>Tue, 12 Dec 2017 12:26:12 GMThttp://crosscomposite.ch/news/audaceone-watchcase-made-by-cross-compositeAUDACEONE, an innovative watch brand from Paris, is proud to present it's first carbon-titanium watch.
So we are! Cross Composite provides the core carbon-piece - the watchcase for AUDACEONE.
The official pre-ordering campaign  starts soon. Find more details on www.audaceone.com
<![CDATA[We Welcome 2017 With a New Website]]>Tue, 03 Jan 2017 12:45:36 GMThttp://crosscomposite.ch/news/january-03rd-2017New Year - New Website! Enjoy our new site with face-lifted design, new product and process descriptions and improved security standards.
<![CDATA[JEC Innovation Award Winner 2016]]>Sat, 30 Apr 2016 22:00:00 GMThttp://crosscomposite.ch/news/jec-innovation-award-winner-2016
Cross Composite AG (Steckborn, CH) won a JEC World 2016 Innovation Award for its A-CoMP© technology, which was developed to enable the automated manufacturing of complex 3D load introduction high performance thermoplastic composite parts with marketable added values such as optimal weight to strength ratio, UV, fatigue and corrosion resistance enhanced damping properties, X-ray transparency, functions integration (threads) and bio-compatibility. Created in 1998 the JEC Innovation Awards identify, promote and reward the most innovative composite solutions worldwide.
“The prize is a recognition for years and years of research work during which a team of design, construction, simulation and test engineers has successfully worked on the A-CoMP © technology.” summarises Nicolas Eguémann who heads the Product Development at Cross Composite. To ensure low production costs in a competitive environment, Cross Composite has developed its own production system based on highly automated production cells for the fast processing of thermoplastic composite parts in only few minutes compared to the several hours usually needed for. To compete with the complexity, geometrical tolerances and level of function integration reached by casted, injected or/and CNC machined titanium, aluminium or steel parts, Cross Composite has developed with its own tooling workshop a moulding technology inspired by the polymer injection moulding by the use of actuators but adapted to the high temperatures reached in thermoplastic compression moulding.
Cross Composite AG is currently working with a number of companies interested in employing this new technology in the sport, aerospace, medical, automotive and watch industry.

<![CDATA[Winner of Thurgau Start Award 2016]]>Mon, 25 Apr 2016 22:00:00 GMThttp://crosscomposite.ch/news/winner-of-thurgau-start-award-2016
Bild: START Netzwerk Thurgau 2016
Cross Composite AG gewinnt den diesjährigen START Award!
Seit 2014 organisiert das Startnetzwerk Thurgau alle zwei Jahre die Vergabe des mit CHF 15’000 dotierten Jungunternehmerpreises «START award». Die Verleihung findet anlässlich der GV der IHK Thurgau, vor rund 300 UnternehmerInnen, statt. Eine Tischmesse der Bewerber rundet die Verleihung ab.
Herzlichen Dank an START Netzwerk Thurgau für die grossartige Unterstützung!